The recovery process doesn’t end when treatment is completed. In fact, recovery is a lifelong process that requires a conscious decision every day not to use drugs or alcohol. As an alumnus of Moving Mountains Recovery, we never want you to feel alone. For this reason, everyone who completes our program is welcome to be a part of the various alumni programming options we offer. This includes interacting with our social media page, joining us for alumni events, and coming back to share their stories with individuals who are currently in one of our New Jersey addiction treatment programs.

Benefits of Our Alumni Program

group therapy for addiction

Being an active alumni member isn’t just something we encourage you to do for fun, but carries many benefits for yourself and others who are overcoming addiction. You will continue to have access to a community that supports your recovery and reminds you to feel a sense of pride in your recovery journey. Additionally, alumni programs help keep client’s minds focused on the importance of sobriety after treatment. Basically, you are never alone when you embrace alumni opportunities.

We Proudly Work With Most Insurance Providers

We have a team of experts that navigate the relationship with the insurance companies on your behalf to make sure you’re getting the highest levels of care at the least amount possible.

Don’t see your provider?


Alumni Programming After Rehab in New Jersey

Alumni programming also provides an opportunity to give back to the community that helped get you sober. Speaking with those who are going through the process you went through can serve as inspiration or provide hope. You can help others realize that although recovery is not always easy, it is possible and worth it.

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