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Delivering Clinical Excellence to Each and Every Client

Moving Mountains Recovery uses a holistic and individualized approach to recovery to help each client embrace a sober lifestyle. We are committed to clinical excellence, which is why every client receives a custom-tailored treatment program that is uniquely designed by our clinical and medical team to meet his or her needs.

Our approach stands out from the average substance abuse treatment center because we make recovery rewarding and fulfilling. While receiving individualized care to heal from addiction, clients also engage in adventure therapies, therapeutic recreation, and other hands-on activities. The goal of this type of dynamic, immersive treatment is to help you find a new life that is so full of passion so there is no room left for drugs and alcohol.

We help you do more than overcome addiction–we help you thrive in every aspect of your life.

Our years of personal experience with addiction and in helping others find recovery have proven to us that this approach will help us keep our clients engaged in the rehab and recovery process, significantly improving client retention and overall client success upon completing our program.

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Take The First Step to a New Life

Transform daydreams into realities

Moving Mountains takes a whole-person approach to recovery by offering a continuum of care, clinically proven treatments, and holistic healing. We work closely with you to identify your unique needs, facilitate individualized treatments, and help you establish a foundation upon which your recovery–and the rest of your life–can grow. Our compassionate, friendly staff is available 24-hours a day to take your call and help you begin your recovery journey.

Combatting the ever-growing drug epidemic that this country faces begins with you. Make the most of our vast knowledge of addiction treatment and our proven ability to change lives. Let’s Move Mountains together. Take the first step towards a new, better life by giving us a call today.

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