Dear family and friends

The staff at Moving Mountains Recovery are proud of your loved one for seeking treatment, but we also understand that this may not be an easy process for you. When an addicted loved one goes to rehab, it is normal for the family to feel both hope and concern, especially if this isn’t your loved one’s first time going to rehab.

No matter your circumstances, our team at Moving Mountains Recovery emphasizes the importance of family involvement in recovery. Family participation and support are linked to better treatment outcomes and fewer relapses.

The goal of the questionnaire below is to learn important details about your family and your loved one so we can be more effective in crafting your loved one’s treatment plan. Be sure to let us know if you prefer that your answers remain confidential.

Patient's Details

Are there any major conflicts or issues?
Are you currently living with your loved one?
Were the previous attempts, if any, a successful completion?
In your opinion, does your loved one recognize their substance use as an issue?
Are there any behaviors the treatment team should be aware of? Ex: self-harm, aggression, isolation, gambling, etc.
Have you ever received support or education about substance abuse treatment and recovery?
Are you comfortable with us sharing information from this questionnaire with your loved one?
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