Where Can I Get the Vivitrol Shot in New Jersey?

Vivitrol shot in New Jersey

Addiction is a common problem and the United States. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “46.3 million people aged 12 or older (or 16.5 percent of the population) met the applicable DSM-5 criteria for having a substance use disorder in the past year.”[1]

Two of the most common substances of abuse are alcohol and opioids. Out of the 46.3 million people who suffered from addiction, 29.5 million of them were addicted to alcohol and nearly 3 million were addicted to opioids.[1,2]

One of the best tools in the fight against alcohol and opioid addiction is a medication called Vivitrol. Vivitrol can help prevent relapse for individuals recovering from alcoholism or opioid use disorder. If you or a loved one are interested in learning more, contact Moving Mountains Recovery and find out where you can get the Vivitrol shot in New Jersey.

What is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is a monthly prescription injection that can help treat alcohol and opioid dependence. The Vivitrol shot contains naltrexone, an opioid antagonist that has been approved to treat opioid dependence and alcohol use disorder. Naltrexone works by blocking opioid receptors, thereby reducing opioid cravings, or helping to stabilize brain chemistry after long periods of alcohol dependence.[3]

Before you can take Vivitrol, you must fully detox. If you still have alcohol or opioids in your system, naltrexone can cause you to experience immediate withdrawal symptoms.

It is important to note that Vivitrol is not intended to be used as a standalone treatment. It is most effective when combined with a comprehensive treatment program that includes evidence-based behavioral therapy, group counseling, and aftercare planning.




How Does the Vivitrol Shot Work?

The Vivitrol shot monthly injection that can help prevent you from relapsing on opioids or alcohol. Vivitrol is an intramuscular gluteal injection, which means it is administered into the muscles in your buttocks.

Every four weeks, you will receive an injection that contains 380mg of Vivitrol.[4] The injection is extended-release, which means the medication will slowly be released into your system throughout the month.

It is important to note that these injections are only done within a medical office. You will not be taking Vivitrol home to administer it to yourself. This reduces misuse of the medication and helps promote medication adherence.

Where Can I Get the Vivitrol Shot in New Jersey?

The Vivitrol shot can be a wonderful tool to help you stay sober, especially during early recovery from opioid or alcohol use disorder. If you are interested in getting the Vivitrol shot in New Jersey, you have a few different options.

Speak With Your Doctor

If you have a primary care physician who is aware of your alcohol or opioid use disorder, you might consider speaking with them about Vivitrol.

If your doctor specializes in addiction treatment, they might be connected with a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinic or an addiction treatment program that uses Vivitrol. On the other hand, even if your doctor is not an addiction specialist, they might be affiliated with someone who is.

Once you are enrolled in a treatment program and have detoxed, your doctor may be able to start administering the Vivitrol shot.

Find a MAT Clinic

Another way to receive Vivitrol injections is to find a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinic in New Jersey. These programs allow you to come monthly to receive your injections. However, your first visit to a MAT clinic will usually involve an in-depth assessment to ensure that Vivitrol treatment is right for you.

Additionally, when you are receiving treatment at a MAT clinic in New Jersey, they usually require you to seek traditional addiction treatment elsewhere or check in with their counselor regularly. This is because Vivitrol is only intended to be used as extra assistance in combination with evidence-based therapy, group counseling, and aftercare services. MAT clinics will also require you to provide negative drug screenings to continue receiving your medication.

Find a Vivitrol Treatment Program

Lastly, you can find the Vivitrol shot by finding an addiction treatment center in New Jersey that offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This is the best way to receive Vivitrol treatment, as you will have access to all of the services you need to recover in one place.

Vivitrol treatment programs in New Jersey are MAT providers that also offer group and individual therapy, counseling, and other addiction treatment services on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Find The Vivitrol Shot in New Jersey Today

Vivitrol may not be right for everyone, so it’s always important to consult with a medical provider before starting a new medication.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or opioids, a Vivitrol treatment program in New Jersey may be right for you. Contact a team member at Moving Mountains Recovery today to learn more about your treatment options and get started on your recovery.


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