We Treat The Underlying Issue Driving The Opiate Abuse

Evidence-Based Treatment

Moving Mountains Recovery utilizes a scientific approach to addiction care. We use methods of addiction treatment proven by clinical research. This ensures effective treatment that you can trust to deliver the results you need. 

Balanced Holistic Approach

While we rely on scientific evidence to choose treatment modalities, we also never lose sight of the human element and spiritual needs. We believe holistic treatment is about establishing balance and order where before there was only chaos.

3 Phase Program with Sober Living

Our 3-phase program is designed to give you a longer stay than you might be able to get at some other programs. Our sober living accommodations keep you connected to recovery while allowing you all the comforts of home.

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We Accept Most Health Insurance Policies

Why Moving Mountains Recovery Is A Great Choice For You

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The Mental Health and Addiction Parity Act requires insurance to offer drug and alcohol treatment comparable to mental health services. Between this law and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is easier to get insurance coverage for addiction care then ever before. If you want to know what your plan covers in detail and up-front costs, if any, the best way is to call us and ask for an insurance benefits verification. This usually takes around an hour at most and is followed by a phone evaluation. With that you’ll have all the pieces in place to make an informed treatment decision for yourself. You can call us directly or submit a form online for insurance verification and call for the assessment later.

The length of stay will vary depending on your needs and whether or not you begin with a medical detox. However, there is no such thing as getting “too much help”. Better Tomorrow recommends 90 days of treatment overall when possible. That would include all 3 phases of our program and sober living accommodations. The length of time a person spends in treatment is a key indicator for their chances of success, so consider that in any decision you make. We only ask that you keep an open mind and consider the importance of recovery and what it means for the rest of your life and the people you love.

There are no guarantees of course. Any program that tells you they can keep you 100% sober for life 100% of the time isn’t being honest. What we can tell you though is that willingness and honesty are the two biggest indicators of success combine with how much time a person spends in treatment. It’s ok to be scared or unsure of yourself. Everyone is at first. The main thing that matters is that you are willing to change and willing to try to listen and learn. Part of recovery, especially in the beginning, is learning to trust. Believe that we have your best interests at heart and be willing to try an new way of living.

The first step is to speak with an Admissions Coordinator. They will be your primary point of contact prior to admitting. The Admissions Coordinator gathers insurance information and has it verified for you and they will conduct your initial phone assessment so we can best serve your needs. After your admission is approved, we help coordinate travel with you, set a date or time for arrival and tell you what to pack/bring. We provide ground transportation to and from airports, train stations and bus stops, if needed.

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At Moving Mountains Recovery, we believe that it is vital for treatment providers to assist clients in finding a passion for life. Our goal is to do just that; to guide our clients toward discovering something that gives them purpose. Nestled in the quiet serenity of Randolph, New Jersey, our innovative recovery programs help individuals find the motivation necessary to persevere through challenging situations.

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We Accept Most Health Insurance Policies. 

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-Joanne Hauser

This organization is not a buisness, it is a family.  Moving Mountains Recovery accepted me when no one else would.  I thought I was helpless, too old and forced to live (if thats what its called) in pain.  From intake to current, everyone, from the owners to every staff member, supports me in my path of recovery.  I really thought I couldn't be loved and didn't deserve to be happy.  Drugs and alcohol were my life for over 30 years.  If you, a family member or friend is struggling with addiction, please call Moving Mountains.  From the words of some very wise people, "I am worthy of love and happiness".  May God bless Moving Mountains and all who read this.

-Jannys Figueroa

I am very grateful to all the staff at Moving Mountains Recovery.  From the counselors and all the team including the case manager Ally, they all dedicate their time to listen to us daily, help us we our goals and needs, also they are very kind and friendly.  At first one like a patient sees almost everything negative or shaded but once back to reality I can see that this treatment, those days that I was there daily with unknown people, I learned a lot…!  Thanks to all nice people that I met, and lived with… Thank you counselors and all the support group for working hard every day and being patient with us. Estoy muy Agradecida…..! Les deseo lo mejor! ♥️

-Lorene Biedlingmaier

Moving Mountains is an amazing place to recover. I was a client there for their partial care program. The staff is very helpful and understanding of client needs and short term goals. While in treatment they help you to set yourself up for success and long-term sobriety. Their program is unlike any other place you will find! They offer outdoor activities such as rock climbing,  hikes, the  gym, and other different activitie. The program shows you that you can have fun clean.  Their housing is very clean. The staff at the house are compassionate. Staff are willing to take the time to sit and talk with you for as long as you need.  I would highly recommend this place to any one struggling with addiction this is a great first step to recovery!!!

Client Testimonials

What Do Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Individual Therapy:

One-on-one therapy is a cornerstone of our program. We believe it’s an essential part of early recovery. Most of the time the sessions are to help people overcome self-destructive behaviors and self-doubt. Throughout the treatment, the client is able to work through these issues and others to develop healthier lifestyle habits and coping skills.

Group Therapy:

Group therapy equally important to personal development in recovery. We learn and grow when we both identify with others and help them. Group therapy helps clients know they aren’t alone and to feel seen. Interpersonal relations are a part of life and an integral part of recovery as a result. Many clients have their most significant breakthroughs in a primary process group.

Sober Living:

Our sober living accommodations are equipped with all you need for a smooth transition to a new chapter in your life. All the homes include a fully equipped kitchen and living area and are pet friendly. Depending on the home, you may also enjoy outdoor recreational areas and even swimming pools. Environments are designed to promote peace and wellness in your recovery.

Family Program:

We believe that families recover together. Overcoming addiction best involves the whole family. The greater the understanding the family has about addiction, the better equipped they are to support the newly recovered person when they return home. We also invite the families of our Alumni to be a part of our Family Alumni program, attend events, meetings and gatherings and feel free to give us a call anytime.

We Can Verify Your Benefits Today With A Phone Call

 No Medicaid & Medicare

STEP 1: Admissions

Our Admission process is simple and easy. We check insurance benefits for you, then conduct a brief patient screening over the phone to make sure you are a good fit for our facility. We answer all your questions and explain options for care, including Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP and Outpatient treatment.

STEP 2: Detox

After an initial assessment, physical stabilization is brought about through the detoxification process. Although this can be uncomfortable, the medication protocols have been carefully designed to deliver a pain-free experience.

STEP 3: Inpatient Treatment 

This phase of treatment is where you will get to really uncover the underlying issues driving the substance abuse while in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment. Success rate dramatically increases when clients attend inpatient treatment after completing detox vs. those who return home, back to temptation.

STEP 4: Partial Care or Outpatient 

This is where the rubber meets the road, as they say. You have returned to your everyday life. Work, school, family. But you continue to stay connected to Moving Mountains Recovery for continued support on an partial care or outpatient basis 1-5x week to ensure your success.