Where Can I Find Outpatient Heroin Rehab in New Jersey?

outpatient heroin rehab center in New Jersey

As heroin abuse has reached alarming levels in the United States, the need for effective heroin rehab programs has grown. Substance abuse and addiction are generally concerning, but heroin addiction can be incredibly destructive–and life-threatening.

Heroin abuse puts people at risk of overdose. In 2018, there were nearly 15,000 heroin-related deaths, compared with about 13,000 three years before. Researchers attribute many of these heroin-related deaths to fentanyl use. Fentanyl is a powerfully potent opioid narcotic that is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. Heroin users may unintentionally ingest fentanyl when it is mixed with heroin or may abuse it at the same time. It’s important to seek treatment as soon as it becomes clear there’s a problem. The longer you wait, the harder it is to treat the addiction.

Heroin’s chemical makeup makes it highly addictive. People who begin to use heroin may quickly develop an addiction to it. Most people who attempt to stop using heroin on their own will be unable to. People with heroin abuse and addiction must seek comprehensive, compassionate treatment in a rehab program.

Heroin addiction treatment is available in many settings and several levels of care. Outpatient heroin rehab programs can help people overcome addiction and move forward into a healthier, sober future. Understanding what to expect in outpatient heroin rehab in New Jersey may help you prepare for your time in treatment.

What Happens in an Outpatient Heroin Rehab?

Comprehensive heroin addiction treatment programs provide the support, skills, and therapies people need to overcome their addiction’s physical, behavioral, and emotional aspects. Outpatient programs generally meet several times per week and require an investment of 10 or more hours weekly.

In an outpatient heroin rehab in New Jersey, people receive high-quality, specialized treatment that allows them to identify and overcome the roots of their addiction. Treatment plans utilize evidence-based and holistic treatment activities, including:

  • Individual counseling, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, and more
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Relapse prevention education sessions
  • Mental health treatment, as necessary
  • Holistic practices to support overall well-being, such as yoga, exercise, nature therapy, nutrition support, mindfulness, and more

Outpatient heroin rehab programs provide the structure and ongoing support people need to overcome addiction and transition into their regular daily routines. People in outpatient programs find a community of peers and professionals and receive effective treatment while continuing to work, attend school, or care for their families.

Is Outpatient Heroin Rehab Right For Me?

Many people benefit from participating in an outpatient heroin rehab program. Generally, people may benefit from outpatient addiction treatment if they meet specific criteria, including:

  • Recently completing an inpatient or residential treatment program
  • A short period of heroin use
  • No history of intravenous heroin use
  • Inability to pay out of pocket for inpatient rehab and no health insurance

An outpatient rehab program can provide the support you need as you transition out of inpatient care, or can provide structure and treatment for people who don’t need a higher level of care and supervision.

Recognizing the signs of addiction

The first step in getting treatment for heroin addiction is to recognize that you have a problem with substance abuse. Heroin abuse often causes significant changes in your appearance, emotional and physical health, and behaviors. Here are some of the signs of heroin addiction:

  • Changes in behaviors
  • Neglecting hygiene, relationships, and responsibilities at work, school, or home
  • Stealing to support heroin use
  • Track marks on arms or other parts of the body
  • Changes in friend groups or isolation
  • Legal or financial trouble
  • Lying or covering up heroin use
  • Having drug paraphernalia, including needles, spoons, foil, or pipes

People who are addicted to heroin will continue to use the drug, even when it causes serious harm to their health, relationships, and other critical aspects of their safety and well-being. They may need to use more to get the desired effects and experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop.

Which level of care do I need?

Before beginning an addiction treatment program, a doctor or addiction specialist will perform an evaluation to assess your needs and determine a level of care. The assessment will include questions about your drug use, family history of substance abuse, treatment history, and mental health. You may also have a physical exam and lab testing to identify physical health conditions that may affect your recovery.

Your treatment team will use this information to determine which level of care is appropriate for your unique needs and goals. In some cases, you may be able to begin your recovery journey in outpatient heroin rehab, and in others, you will start treatment in an inpatient program.

Find an Outpatient Heroin Rehab in New Jersey

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