Where Can I Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Randolph, NJ?

Where Can I Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Randolph, NJ

Many people who suffer from mental illness end up using drugs or alcohol to cope with their symptoms. Although substance abuse can offer short-term relief from unwanted emotions, it can make mental health worse in the long run and lead to the development of a substance use disorder.

Mental illness and substance abuse are very closely related. In fact, more than 18% of people with mental illness also have a substance use disorder, and more than 37% of adults with substance use disorder also have a mental illness.[1]

When someone has a mental illness and a substance use disorder at the same time, they have co-occurring disorders or a dual diagnosis. In New Jersey, an estimated 24,931 individuals had a co-occurring disorder, but only 12,740 received treatment.[2,3]

Since addiction and mental health are so intertwined, many rehab centers near Randolph, New Jersey offer dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment programs like Moving Mountains Recovery blend substance abuse treatment with mental health treatment for an integrated approach that allows clients to heal from both conditions at the same time.

What Happens During Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment programs in Randolph provide specialized care for addiction and a variety of co-occurring mental health conditions, including:

The exact treatments provided may vary based on the type of mental health condition you have and your unique needs. However, treatment typically involves medications, psychotherapy, and peer support.

Medications may be used to manage some mental health conditions by treating symptoms and/or stabilizing brain chemistry, but medication is always most effective when combined with a holistic approach. Dual diagnosis therapies may range from behavioral therapies to recreational and alternative therapies, helping individuals understand their condition and develop healthy behaviors. At the same time, it’s helpful to have peer support. Both addiction and mental illness can be isolating, but group therapy sessions with like-minded individuals can reduce feelings of isolation and promote well-being.

Dual diagnosis treatment may be offered across multiple levels of care, including inpatient, partial care, intensive outpatient (IOP), and standard outpatient (OP).

Where Can I Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Randolph?

Randolph is a beautiful town located near several high-quality addiction treatment centers. At Moving Mountains Recovery, our primary focus is on dual diagnosis treatment. We recognize that mental health is often the root cause of addiction, and we’re dedicated to helping individuals identify the causes of their substance abuse and heal from the inside.

Our dual diagnosis treatment program is:

  • Accredited by the Joint Commission
  • Highly rated with dozens of five-star reviews
  • A trusted treatment provider in the Randolph community
  • Staffed by a multidisciplinary team of industry-leading experts
  • Committed to an individually tailored approach to care

Located in the heart of Randolph, Moving Mountains Recovery is proud to provide dual diagnosis treatment to the city’s residents as well as residents of surrounding areas.

Benefits of Attending Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Randolph

Attending dual diagnosis treatment in Randolph offers a unique advantage due to its rich natural surroundings. The diverse landscapes and pockets of natural beauty serve as a therapeutic setting for individuals undergoing treatment.

For example, being surrounded by nature can significantly contribute to improved mental health and well-being. Randolph offers a serene setting for therapy sessions, aiding in relaxation and stress reduction. Not only that, but our program embraces outdoor adventure therapy. Incorporating nature into therapy sessions can involve activities like outdoor meditation, nature walks, rock climbing, or mindfulness exercises. These activities can improve mental health and emotional resilience.

Other benefits of dual diagnosis treatment include:

  • Safe, medically-supervised detox
  • Integrated treatment for both conditions
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Peer support
  • Family therapy and support
  • Holistic therapeutic modalities

Start Dual Diagnosis Treatment Today

Moving Mountains Recovery provides a full continuum of care for our dual diagnosis clients in Randolph, New Jersey. From medication-assisted detox and mental health evaluation to evidence-based individual and group counseling, our dual diagnosis program is built for success and long-term healing.

While there is no cure for mental health and addiction disorders, we’re committed to giving our clients all of the tools needed for long-term symptom management and recovery.

If you or a loved one require treatment for co-occurring disorders in Randolph, look no further. Our qualified and compassionate staff at Moving Mountains Recovery Center are here to help. Contact us today for more information on our dual diagnosis treatment program.


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