How Can I Go to Rehab as a Single Parent?

how can i go to rehab as a single parent

Being a single parent can demand all of your time and energy. It can feel challenging to find the time to take care of yourself when your children have so many needs. Living with substance abuse or addiction can make caring for yourself and your children even more difficult. But how can you go to rehab as a single parent?

When you are your children’s only parent, it’s more important for you to be healthy and present. Addiction makes it impossible to be the parent your children need. Even though it may seem challenging, you must go to rehab if you are a single parent living with addiction.

You do not have to manage addiction and recovery on your own. If you are a single parent and need to go to rehab, reach out to the caring staff at Moving Mountains Recovery today to learn about our holistic addiction treatment programs.

How Can I Go to Rehab as a Single Parent?

It may seem overwhelming to begin something new, but going to rehab as a single parent isn’t just possible–it’s essential. You must get the treatment you need so that you can be a whole, healthy parent.

Before beginning a rehab program, a medical or addiction specialist will evaluate your needs and recommend a level of care. There are several levels of care in addiction treatment, including:

Inpatient and residential treatment programs require you to live in the facility while receiving addiction treatment. People in inpatient and residential rehab programs can get high-quality treatment and sometimes complete treatment in a shorter period than other levels of care.

Outpatient treatment programs offer high-quality treatment with a lot of flexibility. People in outpatient programs attend treatment for several hours on several days during the week and return home afterward.

The Benefits of Outpatient Rehab for Single Parents

Outpatient rehab offers the most flexibility of all the levels of care in addiction treatment. People in outpatient programs continue to live at home while going through a rehab program. Many can parent children, work, or attend school as they get the treatment and support they need to overcome addiction.

There are many other benefits of outpatient rehab for single parents. Here are some of the most significant benefits.

Balance treatment and parenting

Outpatient rehab is ideal for single parents because it allows them to return home each evening after attending treatment. Parents can be home each night to make dinner, help with homework, relax, and put kids to bed. This can help parents feel more confident in their choice and helps preserve kids’ daily routines.

More affordable treatment options

Generally, outpatient treatment is less expensive than inpatient and residential programs. Many single parents have financial worries, and having a more affordable treatment option may help them get the help they need.

Family involvement

Addiction doesn’t only affect parents–children are often affected, too. Choosing an outpatient rehab program means children can be involved in education and counseling sessions. The family can heal and learn new skills to move forward together.

More flexibility

Treatment staff can often adapt outpatient rehab programs to meet parents’ needs and adjust to fit busy schedules. Single parents may benefit from having a flexible program and staff who understand their unique needs.

Steps to Take Before You Go to Rehab as a Single Parent

Being a single parent can be challenging. There are many responsibilities that you need to take care of. It can sometimes feel impossible to find the time to manage everything. It may feel overwhelming to go to rehab as a single parent, but it is a life-saving decision that will allow you to be a healthier, more present parent.

Here are some steps to take to prepare you and your children for your time in rehab:

  • Find the right treatment center for your needs
  • Learn about your treatment program
  • Arrange child care and support for you and your children, if necessary
  • Talk to your children about where you will be and why you are going away in an age-appropriate way
  • Discuss any changes they may experience–changes in their daily routine, spending more time with other caregivers, etc.
  • Arrange payments–ask for support to navigate your insurance benefits or arrange an affordable payment plan
  • Talk to school staff about changes to your children’s routine
  • Ask for help with child care, home care, transportation, and other practical things before starting treatment

The better prepared you are before starting your treatment program, the more you can invest your time and energy in the most important thing: your recovery.

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