Our Process

Step 1: Make The Call

It all starts with one easy phone call. Dial (973) 604-0670 now to talk with an admissions specialist.

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Step 2: Verify Insurance

If you have health insurance, our team can check to see if treatment is covered under your plan/what is covered.

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Step 3: Initial Assessment

An initial assessment helps our care team create an individualized treatment plan for your unique needs as well as determine what level of care is right for you. We’ll get you set up with a detox center, then help you transition to one of our treatment programs.

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Step 4: Get Started

Find your passion for recovery at our fully licensed and accredited New Jersey drug & alcohol rehab center.

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Want to Know What Your Insurance Covers.

Complete the form below to the best of your ability and one of our admissions specialists will be in touch to confirm your insurance benefits.

    Don’t have health insurance? Our admissions office also offers alternative payment options to ensure that those who need help get it.

    Recovery doesn’t start until you reach out. Begin the treatment process by picking up the phone or request a callback via our online form.

    What to Expect

    The initial phone call is an opportunity for our team to learn who you are and determine how Moving Mountains Recovery can best serve you. This includes verifying your insurance or discussing alternative payment options. It also includes an intake assessment to help our team determine the appropriate level of care needed and develop an individualized treatment plan.

    Intake Assessment Covers

    • History of drug or alcohol abuse
    • The types of drugs abused
    • The length of time drugs were used
    • Any treatment history
    • Current or history of mental illness
    • Employment status and background
    • Family life
    • Legal issues
    • Physical health & medical history
    • Family history of mental health and addiction
    • History of trauma or abuse
    • List of any current medications


    Don’t see your provider?

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    Take The First Step to a New Life

    Transform daydreams into realities

    Moving Mountains takes a whole-person approach to recovery by offering a continuum of care, clinically proven treatments, and holistic healing. We work closely with you to identify your unique needs, facilitate individualized treatments, and help you establish a foundation upon which your recovery–and the rest of your life–can grow. Our compassionate, friendly staff is available 24-hours a day to take your call and help you begin your recovery journey.

    Combatting the ever-growing drug epidemic that this country faces begins with you. Make the most of our vast knowledge of addiction treatment and our proven ability to change lives. Let’s Move Mountains together. Take the first step towards a new, better life by giving us a call today.

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