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Finding Addiction Help Near Newton, NJ

Unfortunately, substance abuse and addiction issues are relatively common in the United States. Despite the prevalence of substance use disorders, these conditions are incredibly dangerous, putting you at risk of a variety of adverse effects and life-threatening situations. If you or a loved one suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism in Newton, New Jersey, Moving Mountains Recovery Center is here to help.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Newton can provide you with a comprehensive and individualized approach to substance abuse recovery. With a combination of medical detox, evidence-based behavioral therapy, group counseling, and relapse prevention planning, you or your loved one can achieve and maintain lifelong sobriety.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Newton, New Jersey

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities like Moving Mountains provide treatment for a wide range of conditions. If you suffer from an addiction to opioids, prescription drugs, alcohol, stimulants, or any other type of substance, addiction treatment programs can help you recover. Additionally, these programs can help you recover from any co-occurring disorders you suffer from, whether it’s an anxiety condition, mood disorder, or psychotic disorder like schizophrenia.

The main types of drug and alcohol rehab programs offered near Newton, New Jersey include:

Medical Detox

Medical detox should always be the first step in your recovery journey. These programs can prescribe FDA-approved medications and treatments to limit your withdrawal symptoms and prevent you from experiencing cravings. As a result, you will not experience the severe side effects associated with the detoxification process, making it easier for you to focus on other aspects of addiction recovery.

After you complete detox, you must transition into another type of drug and alcohol rehab program. Medical detox is only the first step and programs like inpatient or outpatient treatment provide you with the tools you need to recover emotionally, behaviorally, and psychologically.

Inpatient Treatment

If you suffer from a moderate to severe substance use disorder, inpatient treatment in Newton NJ is the best option for you. Inpatient rehab centers offer intensive and round-the-clock care, providing you with a level of security, support, and accountability that is vital during the early phases of recovery. Inpatient rehab is ideal for people who might be dealing with co-occurring mental health conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and more.

During inpatient treatment you will have access to a variety of treatment services:

  • An in-depth assessment to create an individualized treatment plan
  • Individual therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Evidence-based behavioral therapy
  • Holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, or massage
  • Mental health treatment
  • Family or couples therapy
  • Relapse prevention planning or aftercare services

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs are ideal for people who require substance abuse recovery services but also need a flexible treatment schedule to continue working, attending school, or caring for children. Some individuals choose to take advantage of outpatient programs after they complete inpatient rehab to create a continuum of care and have a strong foundation of recovery to rely on.

There are several different types of outpatient programs to choose from in Newton, New Jersey. Each one offers a varying intensity of care. The outpatient programs offered include:

  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) this is the most intensive option for outpatient rehab. You live at home and attend treatment sessions Monday through Friday for about 8 hours each day.
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)this program is less intensive than PHP, offering treatment sessions for 3 to 5 days per week for a few hours each day.
  • Outpatient programs (OP) this is the most flexible and least intensive type of program. During OP you will attend 2 to 3 therapy sessions each week and focus on relapse prevention planning instead of traditional addiction treatment techniques.

It is important to note that outpatient treatment programs generally provide the same treatment services as inpatient rehab but on a less intensive scale. The only exception is outpatient programs (OPs), as these are intended for people who want to build upon the recovery skills they learned in other programs and mainly focus on learning how to cope with triggers.

The Benefits of Attending Addiction Treatment in Newton NJ

Drug and alcohol rehab programs in Newton, New Jersey are highly experienced in providing people with evidence-based treatment techniques that provide them with the best foundation for recovery possible.

It is completely normal to want to know exactly how these programs can help you. Drug and alcohol rehab programs in Newton can help you by offering:

  • A safe environment to detox off of drugs or alcohol
  • 24/7 monitoring and supervision during inpatient treatment
  • The option to attend a more flexible rehab program that allows you to continue working and caring for your family
  • Evidence-based behavioral therapy teaches you how to regulate emotions, overcome cravings and use healthy coping mechanisms instead of relying on substances
  • Treatment for mental health issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and more
  • Multiple levels of care and an individualized approach
  • Highly skilled and experienced staff members
  • Learning how to create a healthy routine to improve your life overall
  • Increasing your self-esteem, and social skills, and improving your communication with others

Get Connected With a Top-Rated Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Newton, New Jersey

If you or a loved one suffers from a substance use disorder in Newton, NJ, you should consider seeking support from a drug and alcohol rehab center. Located just over half an hour outside of Newton, Moving Mountains Recovery Center’s highly trained and empathetic staff members can assist you with anything you need, from insurance verification to touring our facilities and learning about our treatment methods.

Contact Moving Mountains Recovery Center today to get in touch with our admissions specialist and get started on the intake process.

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