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Find Your Passion for Life at our New Jersey Addiction Treatment Center

At Moving Mountains Recovery, we believe that it is vital for treatment providers to assist clients in finding a passion for life. Our goal is to do just that; to guide our clients toward discovering something that gives them purpose. Nestled in the quiet serenity of Randolph, New Jersey, our innovative recovery programs help individuals find the motivation necessary to persevere through challenging situations.

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Treatment Programs

Our New Jersey Addiction Treatment Programs

Why Choose Moving Mountains Recovery for Addiction Treatment?

We Offer Individually Tailored Treatment Across Multiple Levels of Care

We understand that every client is unique and has their own needs when it comes to treatment. People also enter rehab with different lifestyles and situations, so there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to addiction treatment. That’s why our New Jersey alcohol and drug rehab program provides a custom-tailored approach across multiple levels of care, giving each individual the care they need to achieve recovery.

To Us, You’re More Than Just a Number

The safety and comfort of our clients are our top priorities, and our staff truly cares about helping people through their recovery journey. Not only do we keep our addiction treatment programs small to ensure each client receives ample individual attention, but we also consider your treatment needs and recovery goals so you feel accomplished and fulfilled every step of the way. Our goal is simple: help you achieve a life so full of passion so there is no room left for drugs or alcohol.

Our Therapeutic Approach is Backed by Science

We use evidence-based therapies that are proven effective in a clinical setting and embrace a holistic approach that helps your mind, body, and spirit recover from the effects of addiction. Evidence-based practices are proven effective over time, employ the expertise of the facilitating therapist, and take into consideration the client’s needs. Our therapists are licensed and certified in their respective fields and are eager to help you succeed in your recovery.

We Treat Everyone With the Dignity and Respect They Deserve

Many people enter rehab with feelings of shame, fear, or regret. Coming to terms with your addiction isn’t easy, especially when you are overwhelmed with emotions such as these. However, we believe that addiction is a disease–you’re not a bad person nor do you have a moral failing. Although addiction is a disease, it is treatable, and you are deserving of dignity and respect as you’re putting forth the effort to get your life back on track.

Transform daydreams into realities

Take The First Step to a New Life

Moving Mountains takes a whole-person approach to recovery by offering a continuum of care, clinically proven treatments, and holistic healing. We work closely with you to identify your unique needs, facilitate individualized treatments, and help you establish a foundation upon which your recovery–and the rest of your life–can grow. Our compassionate, friendly staff is available 24-hours a day to take your call and help you begin your recovery journey.

Combatting the ever-growing drug epidemic that this country faces begins with you. Make the most of our vast knowledge of addiction treatment and our proven ability to change lives. Let’s Move Mountains together. Take the first step towards a new, better life by giving us a call today.

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Our Admission Process


It all starts with one easy phone call. Dial (973) 604-0670 now to talk with an admissions specialist. We’ll conduct an initial assessment to help our care team create an individualized treatment plan for your unique needs and determine what level of care is right for you.

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If you have health insurance, our team can check to see if treatment is covered under your plan as well as what is covered.

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Prior to admission at our New Jersey rehab facility, we set you up with a personalized detox program based on the information gathered during the pre-assessment. This ensures that you or your loved one undergoes a comfortable and painless detoxification process.

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After detox, we’ll ensure a smooth transition to our inpatient treatment program where you’ll receive comprehensive, personalized care based on your needs. While living in a safe, comfortable setting, our clinical team and support staff will help you establish a foundation for your sobriety.

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Once you’ve completed detox and inpatient rehab, you may receive continued treatment in an outpatient program. Outpatient rehab allows you to implement everything you’ve learned into your daily life while having the ongoing support of our clinical team and your peers. As the last step of the continuum of care, outpatient rehab can help ensure your success in recovery.

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State-Of-The-Art Treatment Experience

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We provide an opportunity for clients to experience the life-altering impacts of the outdoors. Explore a new passion in a healthy setting and channel your energy into thrilling adventure challenges.

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According to the holistic medicine philosophy, one can achieve optimal health by gaining proper balance in life. Meditation may bring you the clarity and balance that you have been yearning for.

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Family plays a critical role in our lives. We help individuals repair and rebuild these relationships, to pave the way for a fulfilling and bountiful sober life.

Most Major Insurance Providers Accepted

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Therapy for Mental Health Conditions and Co-Occurring Disorders


New Jersey Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

The Location of our facilities helps to enhance the experience of our patients while also creating an enviromental ideal for healing and recovery.

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    Hand in Hand…We Can Move Mountains.

    Addiction doesn’t have to last forever. We’re here to let you know that there is hope. With the help of our holistically-tailored rehab program, you can get sober and stay sober.

    Our comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs are designed with your unique needs in mind. Since no two clients are the same, each client receives a personalized treatment program and aftercare plan.

    By the time clients complete our program, they have newfound passions and motivations in life. They have the tools they need to stay sober.

    If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to get started on your recovery at our unique drug and alcohol rehab program in New Jersey. Help is just a phone call away.

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