Can My Family Visit Me During Rehab in New Jersey?

Going to rehab for an addiction can be extremely scary, primarily if you’ve never attended addiction treatment. While giving up drugs and alcohol is distressing, inpatient treatment programs also require you to take time away from your family and friends. 

Being away from your family during such a stressful time can add on more unnecessary anxiety and pain. Because of this, many treatment centers allow your family to visit you during rehab. In fact, family involvement in your recovery is encouraged. Having your loved ones support you during this process can actually be extremely beneficial. 

Is Family Involvement Important in Recovery?

Family involvement in recovery is known to improve your success rate in an addiction treatment program and provide you with a better chance of maintaining long-term recovery. According to research, “family involvement in treatment can reduce the harms and can also improve treatment entry, treatment completion and treatment outcomes for the individual coping with an addiction.”[1]

Studies have also shown that family involvement in addiction treatment can:[2]

  • Improve your resilience 
  • Increase problem-solving skills 
  • Improve coping skills 
  • Foster a healthy relationship between you and your loved ones
  • Help your family recover from the effects of your addiction 

The benefits of including your family in your recovery are never-ending, making it imperative for your family to be allowed to visit you during rehab. If your family is willing to stay by your side during your recovery journey, there are many ways for them to get involved. 

Some of the ways your family can be a part of your recovery program include:

  • Family visits during rehab
  • Writing letters to you 
  • Having regular phone calls with you 
  • Participating in family therapy sessions 
  • Joining you on rehab-led outings 

Can Your Family Visit You During Rehab?

Your family will be allowed to visit you during rehab in New Jersey. Treatment programs like Moving Mountains Recovery Center understand the importance of family involvement, so we make it a priority to include your loved ones in your recovery process.

Most addiction treatment programs emphasize family involvement by using Family Behavioral Therapy (FBT). This type of therapy combines behavioral modification with contingency management by focusing on the development of cognitive and behavioral skills and using role-play, role-reversal, and goal-setting. 

There are four key elements of FBT, which include:

  • Family engagement 
  • Relational reframing 
  • Family behavior change 
  • Family restructuring 

Rather than solely focusing on you, we include the needs of your family as well. This allows you and your family to recover from the effects of your addiction as a team. 

In addition to FBT, we allow casual visitations. This is when your family comes into the rehab facility to visit you and catch up with you about your progress in recovery. 

When is My Family Allowed to Visit During Rehab?

At Moving Mountains Recovery Center, family visitation isn’t just allowed – it’s encouraged. Family involvement in addiction recovery greatly improves your chances of gaining and maintaining long-term recovery, so why would we stand in the way of that? Our goal is to provide you with the best foundation of recovery possible before you leave the safety of our treatment facility.

Family Therapy 

Family therapy is a process that allows each member of your family to recover from the effects of your addiction. Addiction has been described as a family disease, this is because substance abuse has a way of affecting everyone that is around it. 

Family behavioral therapy can help mend any broken bridges that may have occurred between you and your family members during your addiction. Mending these relationships can greatly improve your chances of maintaining long-term sobriety, as it relieves any guilt you may feel and provides you with another supportive loved one. 

Casual Visits 

When you are in rehab, there will be times when you start to miss your family. While seeing them during family therapy is extremely helpful, sometimes you will just want to talk to them about mundane, everyday life things. Because of this, you will be allowed visitation times with your loved ones. 

It is important to note that these visitations will be scheduled and approved by your therapist. Sometimes, there are certain days of the week when families are allowed to come and visit patients. 


Lastly, there will be some opportunities for you to leave the facility with your family members. However, there are strict rules associated with these outings. First, your therapist must decide that you are ready to go on an outing with your family. 

If your therapist finds that you can go on an outing, you will have to go and do something that is conducive to recovery. In other words, you won’t be allowed to leave the facility to hang out at a bar with your parents. 

Additionally, after you go on an outing with your family you will be searched and drug tested upon arriving at the facility. This just provides you with accountability to prevent you from bringing contraband back into the facility and ensures that you do not relapse while you are on an outing with your family. 

Finding Help for Addiction and Substance Abuse 

If you or a loved one suffer from a substance use disorder, it’s time to seek professional help. The consequences of addiction can be severe, including suffering from a life-threatening overdose or burning bridges with your loved ones. Thankfully, attending a rehab program in New Jersey can prevent you from experiencing an overdose and mend any relationships that suffered as a result of your addiction. 

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