How Can I Balance Work and Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

how can i balance work and outpatient addiction treatment

If you are one of the millions of people in the United States living with addiction, you may understand the consequences it can bring. Left untreated, the impact of addiction can spread to every aspect of your life. Your mental and physical health, relationships, financial wellbeing, and safety can suffer. The longer you go without getting treatment, the worse the consequences can be.

People have many reasons for not getting the help they know they need. They may worry about how to pay for treatment or taking time away from their families to get treatment. Many people also worry that they may lose their job if they go to rehab or that they will be unable to balance work and rehab.

Addiction treatment is not one-size-fits-all. There are many different kinds of treatment programs available and many levels of care. The level of care a person requires depends on many factors, including the length and severity of their addiction, their medical and mental health needs, and their treatment history. 

For many people struggling with addiction, an outpatient program offers the high-quality treatment they need and the ability to stay engaged at work. People benefit from being able to work, be active with hobbies they enjoy, and stay close to their social supports. If you are concerned about your career, there is good news. Outpatient rehab programs are flexible enough to allow you to balance work with your treatment.

Can I Balance Work With Outpatient Rehab?

Many people find that they can work while participating in an outpatient treatment program. In many outpatient rehab programs in New Jersey, people are expected to participate in treatment activities for two to four hours per day, several days a week. These treatment activities may include education, individual and group therapy, and skill-building or skills practice. 

Because the time spent in treatment is minimal, people in outpatient programs can continue to work and manage the responsibilities of daily life, all while receiving the addiction treatment and support they need to be successful in recovery. 

In the beginning, people may find that it takes some time to work out a new schedule or adjust to the increased demand on their time. They may also choose to take a leave of absence if they require medically supervised detox at the beginning of their recovery journey. Generally, though, people can balance work with rehab when they are in an outpatient addiction treatment program.

Tips For Balancing Work and Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Finding the right balance between work and outpatient addiction treatment can take time. It is important to prioritize your addiction treatment program so you can get the most out of your time there. Here are some tips that can help you successfully balance work with rehab.

Take it Slow and Steady

Often, people arrive in rehab and plan to “win” at it. They may feel a sense of excitement about getting a fresh start in their life. This enthusiasm can cause people to do too much—and this can lead to burnout. Recovery is a lifetime process. Be careful about the work you are doing, don’t take on too much, and be prepared to adjust your schedule if you find yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Make a Schedule–and Stick to it

Some people live by a strict schedule naturally, and some people need a little practice getting there. When you are attempting to balance work with rehab, it is important to make a schedule and follow it as much as possible. Schedule recovery and treatment activities, work, chores, meals, and self-care. This will help you accomplish everything you need to do each day without getting overwhelmed or missing things.

Practice Self-Care

Real, meaningful self-care is more than just lighting candles or taking a bath from time to time. Self-care means treating your body and mind well by finding movement that feels good, eating regularly and nutritiously, and not jam-packing your schedule full of things that don’t nourish your body and mind. While trying to balance work and rehab, you will need to say “no” to things more often to prioritize your recovery. Schedule time for exercise, relaxation, meals, and adequate sleep. 

Communicate With Your Boss

When you are balancing work with outpatient addiction treatment, communication is more important than ever. Be upfront about your schedule and tell your boss when you will be unavailable for work. Communicate any changes in your schedule as soon as possible. If you need to work outside normal work hours, be clear about when this will happen and for how long. When you do go to work, be on time–or early. Talk to your boss about the work you are doing to balance work and rehab and let them know how long you will be in treatment.

Finding the right balance between work and addiction treatment can take a little time and patience, but getting the help you need to overcome addiction is always the right decision. 

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