What is a Typical Day Like at a New Jersey Drug Rehab Center?

what is a typical day like at at new jersey drug rehab cener

Drug addiction is a complex and progressive disease that can wreak havoc on your life. When you suffer from drug addiction, the best way to regain control of your life and find emotional, physical, and psychological healing is to attend a professional drug rehab program. However, deciding to enter addiction treatment can be scary and overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure of what to expect.

Most substance abuse treatment programs follow a strict daily schedule to keep you focused on the healing process and prevent you from becoming distracted by outside issues. This ensures that you get the most out of your treatment program and build a strong foundation of recovery that you can continue to build upon for the rest of your life.

Understanding what a typical day looks like in a drug rehab center can soothe some of your worries and make it easier for you to decide to get the help you need.

A Typical Week in a New Jersey Drug Rehab Program

One of the most common addiction treatment programs you can attend in New Jersey is referred to as partial hospitalization. Partial hospitalization programs allow you to live in separate, sober living housing while you attend treatment sessions at a facility each day. Typically, you will spend the same amount of time receiving treatment as you would if you were working a job (9 am to 5 pm).

Partial hospitalization programs provide a structured daily schedule to ensure that you are receiving all of the support and tools you need to succeed in sobriety and long-term recovery from addiction.

Services provided by these programs include medical care, individual therapy, group counseling, holistic treatments, family involvement, and life skills training. This provides you with a well-rounded foundation of sobriety, ensuring that you will be able to function effectively in your daily life without feeling the need to self-medicate with substances.

What to Expect from Each Day of the Week

Each day of the week at Moving Mountains Recovery has a different focus, ranging from basic addiction education to emotions, relationships, and relapse prevention.

Here is what you can expect from each day of the week in a New Jersey drug rehab center like Moving Mountains:

  • Monday’s focus is on addiction education. Our therapists aim to help you fully understand how addiction affects you and how people before you have been able to recover.
  • Tuesday’s focus is on your emotions. By using evidence-based therapies, you will learn how to properly identify and manage your emotions healthily.
  • Wednesday’s focus is on relapse prevention. The goal is to teach you how to identify your triggers and use healthy coping mechanisms to lessen your risk of relapse.
  • Thursday’s focus is on relationships. Fostering healthy relationships with others is a vital part of addiction recovery and mental health.
  • Friday’s focus is on skills development. You will learn how to manage anger, stress, and other important aspects of life. This ensures that you will know how to navigate daily life stressors without feeling the need to relapse.
  • Saturday’s focus is on core healing. You will engage in therapeutic practices to develop self-worth and self-esteem, learn how to identify your core personal beliefs, and discover what it means to practice self-care.

What Should I Expect During a Day in Rehab at a New Jersey Partial Hospitalization Program?

While every day in rehab will focus on different aspects of the addiction recovery process, each day will have a structured routine. This will provide you with the structure and accountability you need to stay focused on the healing process.

A typical day in a partial hospitalization rehab program in New Jersey includes:

Early Morning

To start the day off, you will receive a nutritious and balanced breakfast. This will provide you with the fuel you need to engage in all of the recovery activities that will take place throughout the day.

After breakfast, you will work on some mindfulness skills and check in with your peers and counselors. This allows you to start the day with a clear mind, free of any stressors you were facing the day before.

Late Morning

Once you have finished breakfast and early morning check-ins, you will begin your morning groups. These groups will be focused on certain skills and recovery techniques depending on the day of the week. For example, on a Monday you can expect to participate in addiction education groups with your peers.


Once you complete your late-morning groups you will have lunch. The lunches provided will be nutritious and healthy to help you recover from the physical effects of long-term substance abuse and provide you with much-needed energy. Lunch is a great opportunity to connect with your peers and create healthy relationships based on mutual goals.


After lunch, you will begin working in skills-based groups. Depending on the day of the week, these groups could be focused on problem-solving, recovering from trauma, learning emotional regulation, or building core beliefs. This allows you to work on becoming the person you would like to become and helps you learn how to overcome the daily challenges you will face as a sober person.


During the evening time, you will participate in individual therapy. This means you will have one-on-one time with a therapist who will work with you to overcome the personal challenges you are currently facing. In other words, this provides you with highly individualized care that is 100% unique to your own needs and goals.

On top of individual therapy, you can also participate in recovery meetings. On certain days of the week, the treatment center will have outside meetings come into the facility to share their experience, strength, and hope regarding addiction recovery.

After you complete your evening activities, you will leave the facility and go home to your sober living housing program to complete homework, hang out with your roommates, and get a night of restorative sleep.

Learn More About What to Expect at a New Jersey Drug Rehab Center

If you or a loved one suffer from drug addiction, help is available. Recovery from addiction can be a lengthy and difficult process, especially if you have been struggling with substance abuse issues for a long time. However, thanks to the dedication of our doctors, nurses, therapists, and other staff members, Moving Mountains Recovery Center can make the process of recovery easier for you and your entire family.

To learn more about our highly-individualized addiction treatment programs or to find help for yourself or a loved one, contact Moving Mountains Recovery Center today.

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