5 Benefits of Staying in a Sober Home After Rehab

5 benefits of staying in a sober home after rehab

Recovery from addiction does not end when you complete treatment. Lifelong recovery from addiction requires ongoing commitment and discovering new ways to stay engaged. Even after completing a high-quality treatment program, people are susceptible to relapsing–returning to substance abuse after a period of abstinence. Relapse is common, especially when people do not have adequate support or don’t have the resources they need to cope with challenges.

A significant obstacle to staying sober is a lack of stable housing after treatment.[1]  Many people who enter treatment for substance abuse cannot afford safe or supportive housing. With few choices, they may end up living with people who do not support their recovery or end up in a dangerous situation.

Sober living homes may provide the support people need in the early days of recovery. Learning about the benefits of staying in a sober living home after rehab can help you decide if sober living is right for you.

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What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a community where people in recovery live after completing an addiction treatment program. A sober home usually consists of a group of people in recovery who share communal living space in a house or other type of residence. Those who share a sober home usually share other parts of the home. Residents may prepare meals and spend free time together, but they also have their own schedule that includes socialization outside the sober home and work.

People in sober living receive ongoing practical and emotional support from their peers and the staff as they navigate the early days of recovery.

5 Benefits of Sober Living

Research shows that the benefits of a sober home after rehab can help people stay committed to sobriety and more engaged in their recovery for life.[1] Here are the five most significant benefits of a sober home.

1. Ongoing Support

During treatment, people have constant access to support and guidance from their peers and professionals in the program. Treatment programs are often highly structured and designed to provide a high level of support and accountability as people work to put addiction behind them.

When treatment ends, many struggle with the sudden lack of support. One of the best benefits of a sober home is that it gives people a supportive community to live in while they practice sobriety in the real world. Peers in recovery can offer valuable insight and emotional support, and staff members can assist with practical things, like:

  • Finding a job
  • Seeking housing
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Financial assistance
  • Applying for benefits

A sober home gives people the support they need to stay engaged in recovery after completing rehab.

2. New Relationships

During recovery, many find that their old friendships or relationships aren’t healthy or supportive of their new sobriety. Giving up those relationships is a difficult–but necessary–part of addiction recovery.

One of the benefits of sober living is that it gives people the chance to build new relationships with others in recovery. People in sober living often spend free time together and develop healthy relationships with others in recovery. 

3. Developing New Life Skills

Recovery from addiction usually means having to develop and practice new life skills. One of the benefits of sober living is it can keep people accountable for taking care of their daily activities such as doing laundry, cooking and cleaning, paying bills, and exercising. 

The structure of sober living can help people maintain a schedule that supports their new, healthy lifestyle. It also provides many opportunities to practice socializing and managing conflict without using drugs and alcohol. 

4. Lower Risk of Relapse

Relapse–a return to substance abuse after a period of abstinence–is common in the early stages of recovery. People may face triggers or other challenges that overwhelm their ability to cope. Or, they may face boredom or lose interest in their recovery. 

One of the benefits of sober living is it puts distance between people in recovery and their triggers. People in sober living don’t spend time with others who are using and have a safe place to socialize away from drugs and alcohol. 

Residents in sober living are often screened for drugs and alcohol, which holds them accountable to their community and can keep people more committed to sobriety after treatment ends. 

5. Smoother Transition Back to Daily Life

The transition from rehab to the real world can be challenging. Leaving the safety and structure of rehab, along with its constant support and supervision, can feel daunting. Re-entering a world full of work, old friends, parties, and triggers can be overwhelming.

One of the benefits of a sober home is it helps people ease back into their daily lives and routines more smoothly. Instead of going straight from a highly-structured environment in treatment to the chaos of everyday life, people have a chance to ease back into their routine with the support of staff and peers. Residents have a safe, supportive environment to practice the skills they learned in treatment and build a new, healthy routine that supports their goal of lifelong sobriety. 

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